Uniform Shop
Uniform Shop
Nick Griffiths
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Nick Griffiths

The Uniform Shop is reopening fromFriday 3rd Septemberand will be open each Friday as long as the Government allows it to!

The Uniform Shop is reopening from Friday 3rd September and will be open each Friday as long as the Government allows it to!

The shop opens after drop off and remains open for an hour, depending on how busy it is. It is based in the Bull Hall, by the main entrance.

For more information please click here where you will be redirected to the Uniform Shop webpage.





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This year we will be supporting the school in implementing OPAL, a radically new approach to learning through outdoor play for all the children, as well as increasing the profile of computing in the classroom and across the curriculum. This is in addition to the usual help with books, maths equipment etc. across the school.

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