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  • Benita Hexter

    Benita Hexter

  • Nessa Parkinson

    Nessa Parkinson

  • Jenni Dodsworth

    Jenni Dodsworth

  • Ana Rubio

    Ana Rubio
    (Vice Treasurer)

  • Kate Kuechel

    Kate Kuechel

  • Tina Solari

    Tina Solari
    (Media Secretary)

  • Amy Clarke

    Amy Clarke
    (Publicity & Design Officer)

  • Leena Patel

    Leena Patel
    (Publicity & Design Officer)

  • Eleni Stathi

    Eleni Stathi
    (Publicity & Design Officer)

  • Adam Townley

    Adam Townley
    (Publicity & Design Officer)

  • Emma Hill

    Emma Hill
    (Sponsorship Officer)

  • Karen Mitchell

    Karen Mitchell
    (Sponsorship Officer)

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The purpose of Friends of Bowes is to support and develop a vibrant community for our children and provide financial assistance to our school through fundraising.

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