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  • James Allen

    James Allen

  • David Neilson

    David Neilson

  • Tandy Palmes

    Tandy Palmes
    (Vice Chair)

    Events Co-ordinator & also responsible for the 200 Club

  • Geraldine Yandell

    Geraldine Yandell
    (Teaching Staff)

    Head of Juniors

  • Carla Brocklehurst

    Carla Brocklehurst

  • Lisa Inwood

    Lisa Inwood

  • Maxine Allcock

    Maxine Allcock

  • Tim Brocklehurst

    Tim Brocklehurst

  • Gabrielle Clegg

    Gabrielle Clegg

  • Louise Francis

    Louise Francis

  • Claire Lyons

    Claire Lyons

  • Jenny Lyons

    Jenny Lyons

  • Bronwyn Sedgwick

    Bronwyn Sedgwick

  • Andrea Stanley

    Andrea Stanley

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The BHPA is currently raising funds towards enhancing the technological resources at the School in collaboration with the School and the main Board of Directors.

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