Toilet roll craft competion
Toilet roll craft competion
Suse Goodwin
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Suse Goodwin

23rd - 24th January

A simple concept.

  • get lots of toilet roll tubes
  • grab your crafty bits
  • make something awesome


This is a family event and it is a competition within the school so mums and dads - this is for you too!

There are no rules about the type of thing you make, its size etc. But it must be made PREDOMINANTLY of toilet roll tubes.

There are lots of ideas on google if you are stuck.

Please send over pictures of your entry (extra points for a creative title!) by the 26th January (including your child's name and class), and we will get judging. Winners will be notified and their work showcased in our February newsletter.

Small prizes will be handed out when school returns.

Email for entries is


School Uniform Day
School Uniform Day
Suse Goodwin
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Suse Goodwin

Wear your school uniform at home for the day! Or if you are at school, it's 'wear your own clothes' day :-)   


Amherst - Moments of Light
Amherst - Moments of Light
Suse Goodwin
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Suse Goodwin

Dear Parents and Carers

We are really excited to launch Amherst Moments of Light.

This is, essentially, a series of events which will run to the end of February.  When putting together this schedule, we kept the following objectives in our mind:

  • To provide some fun for our families
  • To help children be creative, active, stimulated and connected
  • To be Covid safe
  • To offer something which would hopefully appeal to every family across a range of events
  • To make participation optional so no family feels any pressure we know you all have lot on!  Having said that, we do have one particular event,  Amherst Goes Down Under, which is for the whole school and we would love it if all the children took part
  • To offer both free and fundraising events so everybody can participate

You will receive via the school office our brochure which sets out full details of the events, a printable fridge calendar and letter to your children.

We look forward to making this lockdown a little lighter with you.

Your PTA LEAD team



What’s on

Family Bingo
00:00 - 23:55 on 29/01/2021

School uniform day
00:00 - 00:00 on 24/01/2021

Amherst Den Building
00:00 - 00:00 on 06/03/2021

Amherst Family Escape Room
00:00 - 00:00 on 26/02/2021

Amherst goes down under
00:00 - 00:00 on 06/03/2021

Best dressed competition
00:00 - 00:00 on 10/02/2021

Family curry cookery class
00:00 - 00:00 on 08/02/2021

Valentine's Chocolate Hamper
00:00 - 00:00 on 11/02/2021

Your Committee
  • Suse Goodwin

    Suse Goodwin

  • Caroline Frazer

    Caroline Frazer
    (Vice Chair)

  • Charlotte Lynch

    Charlotte Lynch
    (Vice Chair)

  • Steven Harrison

    Steven Harrison

  • Jeni Browne

    Jeni Browne


We can do this!!