Abbots Langley School Association have relationships with the following partners to help fund raise for the school. Please ensure you quote the school code when placing an order with one of our partners.
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School Code: 28004

The School Lottery

School Code: Abbots


School Code: ALSA1


Amazon Smile

School Code: Abbots Langley School Association

Help raise funds everytime you shop with Amazon!

Just select Abbots Langley School as your chosen charity.

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School Code: WD50BQ

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  • Hannah Swinton

    Hannah Swinton

  • Susannah Mitchell

    Susannah Mitchell
    (Vice Treasurer)

  • Anna Ebden

    Anna Ebden

  • Helen Duffy

    Helen Duffy
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Sasha Gomez

    Sasha Gomez

  • Sophie Langford

    Sophie Langford